How I survived my first marathon

Marathon Finisher Swag

Training = Sacrifice + Post-Run Coffee

I signed up for a 26-week training program leading up to the Houston marathon. From July to January, it had me running five times a week, with a day of cross-training, and a day of rest. In order to still be available when the kids came home from school and keep family time on the weekends, I ran when everyone was still asleep. On the Monday and Wednesday short runs, the group would meet at 5 AM and be done by 6. Some weekends, especially when the distances got longer, we would start at 4 to be done by 7. It definitely made it easier to be with a group, and to have a consistent running partners.

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Kitchen Makeover | Week One

Heath Tile Contractor Week 1

Our kingdom for a contractor

Beginning a major renovation a month before the holidays begin might sound like crazy talk, but the truth is that we were at the mercy of contractors. Rikki tried going on sites like Home Adviser, but didn’t hear back from anyone. Construction is booming in the Bay Area, and contractors probably had bigger projects in the pipeline than our little old kitchen. Summer turned into fall, and as winter approached, we really started to worry that we wouldn’t get it done before the baby arrived.

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Dreaming big while they’re small

Sofia reading Dream Big Little Pig

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we’re thinking about dreams. The other day, Sofia and I were reading Kristi Yamaguchi’s “Dream Big, Little Pig.” Have you read it with your little one? In the book, Poppy the Pig want to be a star. She tries different things to try to figure out how she can shine. Her initial attempts at modeling, singing, and dancing are met with disappointment and some fairly harsh words from teachers and judges. But, with her family and best friend encouraging her to keep dreaming, she finally finds a hobby she loves and that inspires others.

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Into the weekend

Weekend running

From Carissa

With Sunday’s Houston Marathon on my mind, most of what I’ve been reading this week has been running or race-related. Runners World has been my favorite magazine of late and their website is a good source of articles from shoe buying guides to training nutrition.

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Silent might: An introvert learns to speak up

Introvert speaks up

If you’ve ever taken a Meyer’s Briggs personality test and ended up with an “I” as the first letter of your result, you’ll understand the feeling. You’re in the middle of a crowded room with both friends and strangers and, suddenly, you just feel bone tired. Like a birthday balloon kept too long, you feel depleted of whatever energy you had. Or, in a meeting, you’re the one conscientiously taking notes, preferring to observe and ask questions later. You, my friend, are an introvert. Being an introvert isn’t about being shy. It’s about how social stimuli affect us. And while you may at times feel frustrated or unheard in a world that encourages extroverts and—many times—even outright aggression, you can still step up and get ahead without having to sacrifice who you are.

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