Deciding to return to work

return to work desk

It’s been nearly a year since my previous company decided to close its doors. It was a bittersweet time, but I look on the last year as a hidden blessing. I got to rest through the morning sickness and spend more time with Sofia (a wonderful thing since it would be the last few months that she’d be my only baby). I took driving lessons again (long story) and finally got my driver’s license! I also started this blog with my sister—something we’d been thinking of doing for a long time but just never had the time to set up. Still, I have to admit I sat up in bed some nights worrying over my return to work once my disability insurance and Paid Family Leave ran out. It was both a matter of if and when. If I got the job—would it be the right job? Would I be able to find it right away? Or would I have to wait a long time before the right offer came along? My mom, of course, said it best when she advised me to stop worrying and instead begin feeling grateful for the job I would eventually get, which she believed would be the right one.

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Into the weekend

met gala

From Carissa

I’ve been following Alex’s blog and youtube videos, under the name HRH Collection, ever since she started in 2009. I think what I find so interesting is that she designs her own line of jewelry and works her pieces into simple, effortless looks with what clothes she already has. She isn’t a blogger that is constantly shopping and uploading videos of haul after haul, in fact she is quite selective of what she buys. She recently did a re-launch of her website/shop/blog and I’ve spent quite some time already looking through her newest designs.

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Style icon | Mom

Style Icons Mom

At work one day, a coworker complimented me on the sweater I wore. “Thanks,” I said, “my mom got it for me.” She was incredulous. “You’re lucky. I don’t think I’d wear anything my mom bought for me,” was her reply.

We’ve always been fortunate to have such a stylish mom. In her college photos, she was always dressed in clothing that was au courant, but would still be considered fashionable today. She was a beauty queen and always known for her poise and how put-together she was. I look at the flared jeans and other trends from the Seventies that are back in fashion and wish she had kept more of her old clothes. I probably wouldn’t fit into them, but they’d be great as inspiration pieces. Alas, the beautiful winter coat she wore in grad school (which would not be out of place on the set of the movie Almost Famous) was lost.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re getting ahead of the mad scramble for presents (which usually results in a hurriedly purchased card and bunch of flowers) with suggestions for every mom in your life. I, for one, am guilty of completely forgetting Mother’s Day until the Friday before. So, here are some ideas to get you started with enough time for standard shipping.

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Nursing wardrobe | The jumpsuit

Jumpsuit flat lay

If pregnancy brings certain fashion challenges, trying to stay chic while nursing your little one poses even more dilemmas. Finding stylish clothes to fit your new post-baby body (and chest) and provide an easy way to feed a crying baby seems almost impossible. Nursing tops are either stretchy tees or nearly shapeless tents. Any options with actual style cost upwards of a hundred dollars—not what I’m willing to spend on clothes that I probably won’t wear a year from now. Sticking with most regular clothing means being partially naked every time you need to nurse, not to mention difficult to get in and out of while holding your child. So, what’s a mama to do?

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