My Spring Skincare Routine Update

Between travel and the Bay Area’s unpredictable weather the past month, my sensitive skin was mounting a full-scale rebellion. I had to rethink my skincare routine to anticipate the coming warm weather and still give it the moisture it was craving. Some research, a quick trip to Sephora, and my Amazon Prime membership all came in handy.

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Spring 2018 Makeup Refresh

April usually conjures images of spring: cherry blossoms, rainy days, fresh starts. It also means editing my makeup and skincare routines for the warmer weather. Right now, I’m really into a no-makeup makeup look with some pops of color. A big part of that is adjusting my skincare so the canvas I’m starting with is as healthy and smooth as possible (more on that in a separate post).  Thank goodness for Sephora’s VIB Spring Sale!

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What We’re Reading: September

owl 1

It sure doesn’t feel like fall in Houston with 95 degree highs and the heat index bringing it up to 106.  But with the kids starting back up with school, it makes it seem as if cooler weather is just around the corner.  With homework and school projects back in play, we are getting more serious about books and completing reading lists. This doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – we continue to read aloud, participate in school reading contests, and visit the library to discover new books.

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Mastering the return to work

Return to work

Aaaand we’re back after a long break. Trust me, it’s been necessary. It’s been a month since my comeback to full-time employment, and time seems to have both crept slowly and flown by. I’m still getting used to a very different schedule (10-hour work days for most of the week, with half of Fridays off), but I’m fully enjoying being creative and collaborating with other creative minds.

The weekend before my return to work was a busy one, so I didn’t have much time to feel anxious. Saturdays are Sofia’s activity days, and in addition to ballet and swimming we were hosting Rikki’s aunt and cousin who were visiting from the Philippines. On Sunday we took a day trip down to the Monterey Coast for our annual pilgrimage to the Moss Landing Antique Faire. We didn’t find anything big this year, though I scored on a vintage purse with woven detailing and plexiglass handles. That night, I prepared as much as I could for the next day and was so thoroughly exhausted that I fell immediately asleep.

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What we’re reading | July

carrot soup

The other week, I was finally able to keep my promise to Sofia to get her own library card. Once we filled out the requisite forms and went to the children’s section (all themed up in Wizard of Oz), she almost seemed overwhelmed by the sheer number of books to choose from. She asked me how many books she could take, and I said “How many do you want to borrow?” She thought about it for a moment, then said “Five”. Well, she picked out five in less than a minute. She stopped and said we could go now that she’d chosen five. I told her we could borrow a few more if she wanted. She just stared at me in awe. We ended up with nine books. So, here’s a peek into what we’re reading right now:

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