A high-flying baby shower

Baby Shower Plane

When Mr. D asked what I wanted for my baby shower, I told him I wanted a small, simple, grown-up gathering. I also thought it would be fun to make it a co-ed shower, since a lot of my friends in the Bay Area are guys and I wanted Mr. D to be a part of the festivities. He said not to worry and actually planned the whole thing, with the help of friends and family. He even came up with the adorable aviation theme.


For the food, we decided on small bites—anything that could be easily eaten with toothpicks and fingers. We also got airline goodies like small packages of pretzels and peanuts. We also got my and my sister-in-law’s favorite Biscoff cookies (one of the reasons I like flying Delta… those cookies are addictive). Mr. D is obsessed with the bacon-wrapped dates we had one trip to Sonoma, so we attempted to recreate them. The meatball sliders and caprese skewers by family were also hits. Not surprisingly, our little girl started tucking into the crudite platter before the guests arrived. She’s part-rabbit, that one.



Our good friend, Meera, of Third and Sweet made colorful travel-themed cookies that fit perfectly with our color scheme and were almost too cute to eat.


The cake was given by Mr. D’s niece, Lexi, whose Confections are to die for. In addition to my favorite strawberry shortcake, she made mini lemon cupcakes with meringue frosting that could be popped into your mouth whole.


We aren’t revealing the baby’s name until he’s born, which led to some confusion over the pennant sign. It’s a play on our last name: one day someone started referring to us as The Dills, and it stuck.


For one of the games, my super-creative friend, Marilenn, of Tagged with Love asked each person to choose a letter of the alphabet and draw something beginning with that letter. The drawings will be made into an alphabet book for baby. So sweet! It was, not surprisingly, it was the designers in the group who were the most stressed out about their pages. Marilenn also made the cute and practical giveaways, perfect for travel and newborn baby visits.


The best part of the day was just feeling the love and excitement surrounding our little one during the baby shower.

Thanks to Mr. D for taking all these great photos of the day!

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