Sitting out the month

Sitting out the month zouyuzei

After nearly three weeks since my son’s arrival, I was finally able to step outside for a short walk yesterday. Other than taking the little boy to the pediatrician for his first check-up, I hadn’t left the house at all. Let me tell you, being able to stand out in the sunshine and breathe some fresh air was glorious.

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A new addition

Thanks for hanging in there while we went on hiatus last week. Our little boy arrived almost a week early and all of us (including the proud big sister) have been getting used to having our new housemate. While sleep deprivation, spit-ups, and poopy diapers have once again become our norm, it’s been such a blessing to have our son home safe and sound.

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A high-flying baby shower

Baby Shower Plane

When Mr. D asked what I wanted for my baby shower, I told him I wanted a small, simple, grown-up gathering. I also thought it would be fun to make it a co-ed shower, since a lot of my friends in the Bay Area are guys and I wanted Mr. D to be a part of the festivities. He said not to worry and actually planned the whole thing, with the help of friends and family. He even came up with the adorable aviation theme.

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Old-fashioned love story

Love Story Kiss

The week around Valentine’s Day usually means an abundance of red, glittery hearts, balloons, flowers, and rom-coms on repeat. But, this Valentine’s, I started thinking about the true love stories I’ve been privileged to witness and be a part of. About a month ago, my cousin posted this photo of my grandparents. We’re not sure what my grandmother won a trophy for (part of me suspects its for one of her prize flowers), but what struck me was how much this snapshot reveals about my their relationship. It’s been nearly six years after both of them have passed, but I still vividly remember the deep love and affection they had for each other.

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