Home Style | Madam Secretary

I’ve always loved a good political dramedy (drama-comedy). During my maternity leave with Sofia, I binge-watched every season of The West Wing. I’ve been looking for something similar to watch: a combination of witty dialogue, crisis, intrigue, and personal drama—without all the sex scenes (sorry, Scandal). So, I was very happy to find Madam Secretary on CBS, and it’s quickly become my favorite to watch on Sunday nights after the littles are fast asleep.

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25 Target home buys under $25

Everyone who knows me knows I love a good bargain. When it comes to adding a little splash of personality and color to the home, I love walking through the aisles at Target for affordable pieces. I can always find decor that ranges from classic to retro to au courant. Target has been expanding their home lines, the newest being Pillowfort, which is meant for kids’ rooms. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from stealing a few of those pieces for your grown-up living space. These are just some of the great things available, all for under $25.

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Kitchen makeover | The reveal

End of the reno

Finally! Here we were at the end of our reno—all outlets up to code, grout lines cleaned up, appliances up and running, and all our kitchen stuff organized and put away as planned. With Christmas just around the corner and my sister and her family coming to stay for almost a week, it made me giddy planning our Christmas Day meals.

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Kitchen makeover | Finishing touches

The home stretch

The last week was all about the finishing touches and managing expectations. We had quite a punch list of details that we wanted fixed or touched up before we signed off on the renovation. We also needed final inspection from the city. I was crossing fingers and toes that everything could be done this week so we could finally vacuum up all the dust and call in the cleaning lady to help get our house back.

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Kitchen makeover | Week 5

Kitchen Week 5 Holiday rush

The holiday rush

It was just three days before T-Day Eve, and I was getting serious anxiety that the kitchen would not be up and running in time. Knowing it would be a short week made me extra nervous. Mr. D also had a side project for the contractors—laying concrete in the side yard—which would take at least a day to complete. Though I knew we were nearing the end and Juan and crew had been amazing so far, I still was longing for the day we could have full repossession of our home.

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