Kitchen makeover | Week 4

Crunch (and tile) time

Since our initial goal was to have everything done by Thanksgiving, this was crunch week. We aren’t hosting at our house, thank goodness, but we are in charge of a few dishes that we’ll be bringing to my sister-in-law’s.

The guys finished up the granite install on Monday. Who knew installing three pieces of granite would take so long? But the sink fits perfectly, just a little proud of the countertop edge. It is looking sleek and snazzy.

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Kitchen makeover | Week three

Kitchen Week 3 Monday

Just when we thought the dust had settled

Up and at ‘em early Monday morning with more demo. This time the upper cabinets are finally gone, along with any remaining remnants of the old kitchen (that hunter green tile just wanted to stick around for as long as it could). They then started taping and mudding over the drywall seams and adding texture to the new additions to match the rest of the house.

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Kitchen Makeover | Week Two

Kitchen makeover week 2 reno

Demo and more dilemmas

Demo week is here! Half-excited, half-apprehensive about being without a working kitchen and having a toddler in the midst of a renovation site. The white tile floor will be the first to go today. All the cabinets and drawers are empty, though we’re hoping the old fridge can be moved but still in working order for the duration of the reno. As usual, our can-do contractor told us it would be no problem and that they could move the fridge to the living room for the time being.

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Kitchen Makeover | Week One

Heath Tile Contractor Week 1

Our kingdom for a contractor

Beginning a major renovation a month before the holidays begin might sound like crazy talk, but the truth is that we were at the mercy of contractors. Rikki tried going on sites like Home Adviser, but didn’t hear back from anyone. Construction is booming in the Bay Area, and contractors probably had bigger projects in the pipeline than our little old kitchen. Summer turned into fall, and as winter approached, we really started to worry that we wouldn’t get it done before the baby arrived.

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Kitchen makeover | Inspiration

Something's Gotta Give Set-1

When it comes to design style, Mr. D and I might challenge each other on the details (art, patterns on rugs and drapes, accessories, etc.) but we do align on the big picture: clean lines, timeless appeal, and functionality. We didn’t want fussy details, but I wanted to have one element for visual interest to keep the kitchen from being too austere. More than a year ago, we started putting together a shared Pinterest board to share inspiration and see exactly what the other is thinking.

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