Nursing wardrobe | The jumpsuit

Jumpsuit flat lay

If pregnancy brings certain fashion challenges, trying to stay chic while nursing your little one poses even more dilemmas. Finding stylish clothes to fit your new post-baby body (and chest) and provide an easy way to feed a crying baby seems almost impossible. Nursing tops are either stretchy tees or nearly shapeless tents. Any options with actual style cost upwards of a hundred dollars—not what I’m willing to spend on clothes that I probably won’t wear a year from now. Sticking with most regular clothing means being partially naked every time you need to nurse, not to mention difficult to get in and out of while holding your child. So, what’s a mama to do?

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A Tribute to Mr. de la Renta

My junior year in college, Oscar de la Renta visited my university as a guest lecturer. Dressed in an impeccable gray suit, he looked every inch the older gentleman. He spoke about how he got his start in the fashion industry and about what inspired him season after season. He described the woman he designed for and said his goal was to make the woman wearing his clothes feel beautiful, powerful, yet feminine. I tell you, by the end of that hour, I wanted to sell everything I had to buy one of his dresses.

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Five things I learned from Kim K’s maternity style

Pregnancy look inspired by Kim Kardashian

With my first pregnancy, my wardrobe was all over the place: I had big sweaters and boho-y dresses as well as pussy-bow blouses and blazers. When I reopened the box with all those clothes, I felt that none of them really reflected who I am or how I’ve changed over the last three years. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes I would only (hopefully) wear for less than a year. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in what I was wearing either. I told myself that instead of trying to buy things piecemeal as the belly grew, I wanted to be more intentional in my approach.

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Beauty habit | Melissa

Winter Beauty Habit Melissa

With the coldest, rainiest winter we’ve had in the past few years, an upcoming (gasp!) 34th birthday, AND the being in the third trimester of pregnancy, I decided it was time to rethink my beauty routine. While I’ve been blessed with normal albeit sensitive skin—thanks to my Mom and lolas (grandmothers)—I have to admit I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to my routine. Through much trial and error, I’ve come to a winter beauty regimen I finally feel comfortable with.

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Now and Later | Spring Trends #2

Spring Trends 2-Intro

We’re back with more trends for spring. If you’re planning to downsize your wardrobe and sticking to buying only a few new pieces each season, consider making these part of your purchase this quarter.

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