Give Dad the gift of good face


In the early days when Mr D and I were dating, we drove down the coast to one of our favorite places, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a warm day, and on the way back, we were holding baby wipes (Mr D keeps them in the glove compartment to keep his hands clean from job site visits) to the car’s A/C vents to and holding them to our faces to try to cool down. The only problem now, I said, is that the wipes will dry out my skin. Mr D was puzzled. The wipes have lotion in them, don’t they? That’s what it says on the packaging. I looked at him, equally bewildered. Yes, but whatever’s in the wipe cleans babies’ bottoms, I said. It’s not meant for your face. Is there a difference? Mr D asked. It was then I discovered that Mr D was using body lotion to moisturize his face as well. Oh dear.

Every now and then, guys need help when it comes to shopping for skincare. Mr D is wary/afraid of using my products ever since he saw their price tag—even though I assured him that they weren’t anywhere close to what expensive skincare actually is. He’s also hesitant to use them because some have a scent that would bother him if he were wearing it. So, we went and found products he would be comfortable with price- and scent-wise. Thankfully, there are a lot of great skincare lines made just for men out there, available in all price points. What better gift for dad than protecting and caring for that face you love!


Dove Men+Care

With prices starting at $5, this line is sure to appeal to the budget-conscious. It also has the added bonus of being readily available when making drugstore, grocery or Target runs. Face Lotion $5.89, Target

Everyman_Jack Every Man Jack

Dark wood-grain packaging and non-flowery scents like citrus, mint, and cedarwood will ensure your products don’t get mixed up on the bathroom countertop. Eye cream $12.39, Amazon



While on a tour in France, I met a friendly couple who swore that L’Occitane’s shaving gel was the best. As he was in the beauty business, I’ll have to take his word for it. Shaving gel $22, L’Occitane



I’m a Kiehl’s fan myself, and their men’s line also uses blends of natural ingredients to address different needs. I also love the gift sets they put together. I think Mr D would be the Minimalistic Man: “essentials he’ll use, nothing he won’t”. The Minimalistic Man $91, Kiehl’s


Clinique For Men

Using gunmetal instead of its signature minty green or cheery yellow, Clinique For Men takes the brand’s 3-step cleanse and moisturize and simplifies it. Maximum Hydrator moisturizer $34, Sephora



Jack Black

This brand has everything from anti-aging skincare to hair products to a pain relief balm. Their Pure Science line is vegan and paraben-free. Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm $23, Nordstrom

Aesop copyAesop

Most of the products here are unisex, and the fragrances suited for everyone. Their Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet includes lovely notes of orange, clove, and sandalwood for extra luxury. Shaving duet $80, Aesop



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