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From Carissa

If you ask me what my favorite TV show is, I would say it is “Friends”. I’m saying “is” because I still love watching reruns of this 90’s show. My husband and I have favorite episodes that we keep on the DVR – the episode where Rachel attempts the infamous Thanksgiving English trifle dessert, or the time when Brad Pitt makes his guest appearance on the show. This article originally from the NY Times tries to answer why this show is still popular even with 20-somethings of today.

Who doesn’t love free books?  When my daughter was a few years old and was starting to read simple words on her own, my friend at work gave me a huge box of books that had been her daughter’s. I remember going through the box with my daughter when I got home from work, the look of wonder and joy in her eyes as she took one book after another from the box. She still remembers the generosity of my friend when we look through books on her shelf. When I read about this movement of “Little Free Libraries” that started in 2009, I started thinking about how we could share that love of books with our neighbors as well.  What a great way to build a community of readers around you!

Monday, April 18, is the Boston Marathon. It is considered by many as THE marathon not only because it is the oldest running marathon but more so because of the difficulty in earning a spot in the race. The qualifying standards or “BQ’s” (Boston qualifier) are very fast compared to other marathons, and qualifying for the Boston Marathon could be a runner’s ultimate goal. There was a time when only men were allowed to run marathons as people believed long runs were dangerous and de-feminizing for women. This article on Katherine Switzer is inspiring. She was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon in 1967 while she was a student at Syracuse University (yes…mine and Melissa’s alma mater. Let’s go Orange!).


From Melissa

Right now, I’m grateful that Sofia’s daycare provides the kids with healthy, hot breakfasts and lunches (including a lot of Filipino comfort food). But, when she gets older and starts needing a packed lunch, I’ll definitely need inspiration and lots of planning-ahead time. It would also help if the lunches were enticing enough for everyone in the family, since bigger batches of food are often easier to prepare. These 10 lunch ideas are not only visually appealing, they have a little of everything—including veggies and dessert—that even Mr. D would enjoy.

Two new shows popped up this week that I’m already obsessed with (yes, being home with baby means my DVR is my friend—reading is somewhat difficult if you’re holding an infant). NBC’s Strong pairs top trainers with ordinary women and puts them through crazy physical and mental challenges. What I like about the show is that it focuses on making the women, well, stronger rather than skinnier. They don’t talk about pounds shed, they measure instead a trainee’s percentage of body fat, resting heart rate, amount of lean muscle gained, how many dress sizes lost. I think this is a much healthier way of looking at overall fitness rather than just weight loss. American Grit on Fox also features a new kind of reality competition. Four military mentors choose teams of four civilians and take them through various challenges similar to those used in military training. No one gets voted out. Contestants only leave when they give up or ring out of the elimination challenge. Both are definitely must-sees this season, for the inspiration alone.

And now for a bit of a laugh. You can kind of tell someone’s age group by their favorite Disney movie. For me, it’s still The Little Mermaid, which I can probably still quote and sing verbatim from beginning to end. This little parody from The New Yorker had me giggling all the way through. You’ll know what I mean.

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