Into the Weekend

From Carissa

Since Houston got flooded and there was no way for us to leave home on Monday morning, I sat and watched the 120th Boston Marathon. Just thinking about the mental, physical, and emotional toughness that goes into the training and actual running of the race was enough to get me teary-eyed and emotional. Due to the unusually warm weather on race day, there were many that had a difficult time and there were those that had to give up on the goal of finishing with a good record due to the heat and risk of dehydration. When photos of two men carrying an injured runner 100 yards to the finish line went viral, I had to find out what the story was behind the picture. It truly is a beautiful story of how a community does not leave a fellow runner behind.

I have fond memories of gardening in third grade, in a small plot beyond the playground of the school. Every day our homeroom teacher would take us to the garden where we would weed, water, and check on the vegetables we chose to grow. I don’t remember ever harvesting much, but it was so much fun to spend time with my friends digging in the dirt and watching our plants grow. Sarah Greenman, a multidisciplinary artist, community advocate, and urban gardener, dreamed of starting a school garden at a one of her local Dallas elementary schools whose majority population was below the poverty line. With the help of the students, teachers, parents, and neighborhood volunteers, the community was able to build the Skyview Harmony garden. What an inspiration to start this in our own local schools!

Life with young children is always a challenge. Due to all the flooding and rain in Houston in the past few days the whole school week was cancelled. This wasn’t at all what I had planned. When I looked at my calendar for the week, I had to pretty much give up what the list of errands and to-do’s in order to spend time with the kids. The fact that we were pretty much stuck indoors did not help much either. Sarah Bessey‘s article on how cleaning up a spilled bowl of soggy rice crispies caused a spiritual awakening is an inspirational read, especially when we are caught in what we may feel is the rut of the mundane.


From Melissa

The passing of pop/rock icon Prince came as a surprise to many. At just 57, he influenced both music and fashion trends for decades. Who can forget the purple suit and ruffled shirt of the Purple Rain tour? Here, Harper’s Bazaar pays tribute to him by highlighting his most iconic style moments.

Although our backyard project is still on the back burner, I still aspire to having a beautiful garden I can work in. I want it to be a place that’s not only nice to look at, but somewhere to teach the kids about where food comes from and how to nurture things to grow. I can only imagine the joy and awe on their faces when we get to harvesting and cooking what we’ve grown. I signed up for Apartment Therapy’s Gardening School, which breaks down everything from conceptualizing the kind of garden you want to what plants are best for beginners.

We don’t have a Costco card. Honestly, I’m intimidated by buying in bulk. I feel that we already waste so much food, especially produce and fruit, by not consuming them before they go bad. I always wanted to see how people use the large amount of food they buy to make a Costco trip worth it. This author follows her mom on one such trip and, since her mom only buys for herself and the author’s dad, I can really see how it makes sense.

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