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From Melissa

When I was getting ready to return to work after the birth of our daughter, Mr. D used a combination of Paid Time Off and Paid Family Leave bond with her. He said it was both the most rewarding and the most challenging few weeks of his life. Thank goodness his employers and coworkers were understanding and supportive about his decision to spend that one-on-one time at home. But, as this article shows, many working parents are still unhappy about balancing their office and home lives. As more and more dads opt to take advantage of FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) or stay at home, hopefully there can be more honest dialogue and transparency in the workplace about working parents’ needs.

While this article about Simplicity Parenting might seem like common sense, a lot of the advice in it are things we tend to forget or take for granted in the middle of crying infants and active toddlers. What was especially important for Mr. D and me was the idea of working together. It took a while for us to figure out the best way to divvy up baby responsibilities, especially after my work schedule got more hectic and I was working hard to get promoted. We decided to do little things like trade off bedtime reading/tucking in days so each of us has a few nights where we have an extra hour to either decompress or get extra work done. Having a true partner to come up with creative solutions has helped enormously, and hearing Mr. D and the little one laugh as they read books at bedtime is amazing.

I’m always curious to see what’s new on the Philippine arts and design scene. I’m excited to see young artists and chefs getting recognized, and being supported by the larger community. Definitely including this area of Manila in my itinerary the next time I visit home.

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From Carissa

This weekend I have the DVR set to record the Olympic trials being held on Saturday, before the the L.A. Marathon on Sunday. I’m interested in the qualifiers that are “regular” people—a full-time mom, a UPS driver, a college medical director. These are people like you and me who don’t have running as their life’s work but do it at such a level that they are able to run with the elites. I especially relate with Amber Green, a mom of three who runs at 5 am in order to be back early enough to pack her kids’ lunches and bring them to school. Her afternoons are filled with after-school activities, homework, laundry and errands. When she talks about feeling like “half athlete and half mom” I remember the hours of running I would log each week during marathon training and the piles of dirty dishes ignored in the sink.

Our local Katy Half marathon was held this past weekend, and Calum Neff, a Canadian who now resides in Houston, won the race while pushing his infant daughter in a stroller. He might even have broken the world record. The picture of him placing his medal around his 11-month daughter is heart-warming.

Rounding out the feel-good running stories for this week, this one’s about how an online running community got behind a member who was bullied while out on a run. What started with two people’s insensitive remarks turned around to become a day when thousands wore red shirts in support of their fellow runner, dedicating the miles they walked or ran to her. It is inspiring to see how complete strangers can rally behind and encourage each other.

Enjoy the weekend!

(Images via Pixabay, Veejay Villafranca for NYT, Dave Becker for Runners World, Scott Flathouse for Canadian Running, Run the Year 2016 on Facebook)

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