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From Carissa

Sweet potato rice is one of my go-to lunches when I feel like I’ve maybe had too much meat during the week. Called “Gogumabap” in Korea (goguma is sweet potato and bap is rice), it makes for a very satisfying dish with the spicy, salty dipping sauce and a fried egg. Sometimes I can eat the whole pot by myself which is probably not a good thing if I was trying to be virtuous that day!

I like to read about how other women deal with the challenges that come with being a mother. This article on Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, was interesting because she talks about work, family, and being a visible figure scrutinized by the public.

Living in the United States, I find it can be very easy to be shielded from real issues that the world is facing—poverty, hunger, little access to education. As I try to expose my own children to the fact that not everyone is blessed with what they have, it is beautiful to see other mothers and the deep passion they have in wanting to raise their children with a heart for others. Ruth Simons, a mom of six boys, writes about her missions trip to Ecuador with her sons.


From Melissa

Oscar night is coming up! While we’ll still be prepping for baby (or, possibly, in labor) I love the movie-inspired food in this Delish article. My little girl for sure would want the broccoli dish representing Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, while I have my eye on the beef stroganoff for Tom Hanks’s Bridge of Spies. Which would be your Oscar pick?

It’s been three years since I became a mother for the first time, and it’s been a personal struggle for me to lose some of the baby weight. We’re bombarded every day with images of celebrities whose bodies miraculously bounce back to their pre-pregnancy state (or better) a few weeks after giving birth, giving us more unrealistic expectations about motherhood. I mean, it’s not enough we’ve pushed a human being out into the world, we are now expected to breastfeed them (for years and years), go back to work and climb up the corporate ladder, keep a spotless home, cook Martha Stewart-esque meals, AND have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model? Give me a break. I agree with Haley Jude that my body will never be the way it was before I had children. However, I am looking forward to being more physically active again, to slowly but surely get back on the trail and walk/jog/run back to my pre-pregnancy routine. This one-year plan to inject short, doable bursts of activity without having to go to the gym makes it seem less daunting.

I’m all about traveling light and being an efficient packer. I’ve already prepped the hospital bag, but had to try to remember exactly what I actually used last time and what never came out of the bag. For me, putting calming music (Bach cello suites) was the best thing. Even the nurses commented on how nice and calm the room felt when they came in to check on me. To refresh my memory, I looked through the standard checklist and this article with contributions by moms.

(Images: via; Max Vadukul for Town and Country; Ruth Simons at Gracelaced; Ethan Calabrese for Delish; David Roth for Fit Pregnancy; and KT Merry for The Bump.)

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