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From Carissa

With Sunday’s Houston Marathon on my mind, most of what I’ve been reading this week has been running or race-related. Runners World has been my favorite magazine of late and their website is a good source of articles from shoe buying guides to training nutrition.

I like to do a lot of research before buying anything. This year I want to improve my strength and pace, and have been thinking of investing in a running watch. DC Rainmaker has very in-depth product reviews that will be useful in making that decision.

Being a mother, many times I feel guilty about being gone for hours running.  Especially lately, with the peak marathon training and long runs falling right smack during Christmas vacation and our road trip to see Melissa and her family in California, I found it difficult to find the time and motivation to run.  On Rachel’s blog, she writes about the her journey trying to balance family, faith, and fitness. Sometimes all I need is a little virtual hug from other mothers out there, reassuring me that it is okay to take time to be refreshed, clear the mind, strengthen the spirit, and running is a very good way to do it.

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Bowie image via The Telegraph, credit: Rex Features

From Melissa

It’s been about a week since the nesting urge finally kicked me into high gear. If only it had started sooner, like when I could still see my toes and not feel like a rat that swallowed a watermelon. Nevertheless, I’m determined to do as much purging, organizing and decorating as time (and my belly) will allow. Here’s what I’ll be thinking about through the weekend:

Yesterday, I talked about introverts and mentioned a spectrum. The folks over at Levo League also published an article about Four Kinds of Introverts. I believe I’m a Thinking Introvert with a little bit of a Social Introvert thrown in. What about you?

Growing up, our mom made sure the books we read were not only fun or interesting, but had good literary value. It didn’t stop us from reading Sweet Valley High or The Babysitter’s Club (remember those?), but those books were the ones that really stuck with me. So when I’m scoping out new reads for my daughter or gifts to give her friends or cousins, I always check the latest list of Newberry or Caldecott Medal winners and honorees. Every year, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association, award the best of new American children’s literature. The Newberry Medal is given to the author of the most distinguished children’s book, while the Caldecott is given for most outstanding artwork/illustration. It’s a quick way to make sure your children are reading the best.

This week has been full of loss with the passing of two great artists: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. What is heartening—but not so surprising—to learn is that Bowie himself was a bibliophile. As you’ll read in this article from The Telegraph, which features the late singer’s Top 100 books, Bowie spent a lot of his free time on tour reading when he could have been partying.

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