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Recovery week - Carissa

From Carissa

It’s recovery week from running my first marathon and I’m to be taking things easy, forbidden from any sort of strenuous activity lest I risk injury. What to do when you’re forced to not wake up before dawn to go running?

Amy’s fabric and paper crafts have such sweet color combinations and themes. She makes me want to stay warm and cozy indoors and dust off the sewing machine in the storage closet. Maybe I could finally teach myself to knit or quilt.

Mary Ann’s sketches are so inspiring I could browse her website for hours. I especially love looking at her travel journals, which remind me of the three months I spent in Italy for a summer abroad program in college. I enjoyed how we were encouraged to wander the streets of Florence with our sketchbooks and pencils, find a place to sit (or stand) and just draw.

Time away from running also gives me the opportunity to think back on the past six months of training. I came across this article and video on Navy SEALs and what they call the “40 percent rule”—that we have so much more in reserve than we think. Well, isn’t that a lesson for life and not just for running? I’m keeping this in mind as I find a new race and start up the training program.

Recovery week Melissa
images via Ashley Freeman Design; bethL on Pixabay; and Alfredo Piola for the New York Times

From Melissa

The little one is due soon and it seems there’s just soooo much to do still. The nursery/guest room is coming along, thanks to some hardcore DIY-ing by Mr. D. Since the room will be used by family and friends for the next two years, and because we want it to be a space that the little man can grow in, we wanted to keep it as unfussy as possible. Ashley Freeman’s modern design for a nursery inspired me with its bolts of bright color and whimsical details.

At the same time, we’re looking ahead at pre-school options for our little girl. My sister-in-law posted this article on her Facebook feed about a school near our area that focuses on preparing kids for future employment. While some of their methods (using cooking as a way to learn about measurements) make sense, it’s interesting that job prep is what they’re centered on. At that age, most kids want to be ballet dancers, or firefighters—they’re not thinking about being UX designers. At least, I don’t think they are …

For a bit of weekend escapism, I guess great minds think alike. As my sister admired Mary Ann’s sketches, I was looking with envy at illustrator Marin Montagut’s country home in Normandy. How could you not be inspired by this brightly-colored setting, indoors and out?Wishing you a lovely weekend, whether you’re recovering from the week or gearing up for a busy two days!

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