Into the Weekend

Into the Weekend 20160108-2

From Melissa

This weekend I’m hoping to work on some home projects that need tending before the baby arrives in a couple months. I always worry about my little one—who’ll be an only for just a couple months more—playing by on her own a lot. Then I remember that all the unstructured time I spent as a girl gave me the chance to dream and create. KJ Dell’Antonia of the NYT blog Motherlode talks about protecting kids’ play- and free time, curbing the tendency to over-schedule them (and ourselves).

A pending new arrival in the family means this mama needs to get her clothes out of the nursery/guest room and make space in her own closet. I’ve read all the advice, from the one-in-one-out rule to Marie Kondo‘s method of tidying up. The folks at Be More with Less have a practical (and funny) guide to making a more ruthless cut. It’ll be difficult to make some choices (like what will fit my post-baby body) but it’s a good place to start—even if it takes all weekend.

It isn’t easy to feel energized when you can’t see your feet and your sense of balance has been thrown for a loop, but I’ve been determined to stay as active as I can. Just to remind us that celebrities have a hard time staying motivated, too, Adele posted this amazing photo of her working out on Instagram.

Into the weekend 20160108-2
(via Claus Dalby; Mias Landliv; Homestead Honey)

From Carissa

Right around January, even with winters being relatively mild in Houston, I start thinking of new grass, budding flowers, and spending time wandering around in open meadows. Thus the websites I have been reading of late reflect my daydreams, from ones that are attainable now to ones that are a little more bohemian. I start to think of how I might be able to bring greenery indoors and Claus Dalby’s greenhouse is beautiful with rustic containers and near maintenance-free plants (perfect as I am far from having a green thumb) .

Then I start to think that one day I would like a tiny 100 sq. ft. summerhouse like Mia’s where I can feel like the young girls in my favorite children’s books—Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables and Laura of Little House on the Prairie. I can just picture them stringing daisies together to make flower crowns just a few steps beyond the door.

Lastly, there’s the thought of totally going off grid like Teri where she grows her own food and lives without running water and electricity. Ah yes, a girl can dream! Excuse me as I make a run to the nearest nursery and get myself a little cactus.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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