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From Carissa

It’s official, I signed up for the Houston Marathon in January 2017. Not sure whether it was because of a lapse in good judgement, getting caught up in the hype of wanting the free “In Training” t-shirt before it ran out, or just plain wanting to prove that I could do it again. Official training on an 18-week schedule begins this week, and although I know that I am able to accomplish this goal there are definitely some things I need to be more consistent with this time around and good nutrition is high up on my list. I need to remember this list of post-run eating mistakes as I’m guilty of quite a few of them.

I already know that I spend too much time on the phone scrolling through Facebook, YouTube, and the internet. This article on whether technology is keeping us from being deep thinkers made me pause and want to place a hold on all my social media accounts and go back to old-fashioned day-dreaming, staring into space, lost in thought.

Going along with my sister’s recent wedding dress post, I follow the Instagram account of writer Isabella Bradford. Although I haven’t read any of her books since they are more historical romance and not quite my cup of tea, she features historical dress, paintings, and photographs on her account. Every Wednesday she posts several times for #weddingwednesday and it never fails to take my breath away to see these elaborately beautiful dresses. Now let me put my phone down and imagine being an aristocratic lady in the turn-of the century.


From Melissa

Since his passing last Saturday, the fashion world has been mourning and celebrating photographer Bill Cunningham, father of street style and a celebrity in his own right. I always looked forward to his articles, and the glamorous, quirky people of New York he captured. He could be recognized riding his bicycle down the street in his uniform of blue utility jacket and khakis. His eye for people and trends will be sorely missed.

Summer weather has hit us full force with temperatures above 100 degrees, and we find ourselves craving smoothies, frappuccinos, and ice cream. I’ve been looking for healthy, fun recipes to do with Sofia (since baking just makes the house even hotter), and came across this list of 44 popsicle recipes. Their colors are beautiful and I love the idea of using fresh fruit we can buy at the farmer’s market. To give it some style, how about some spherical molds that will keep melty messes to a minimum ( we hope)?

My sister-in-law’s wedding last weekend was beautiful, an intimate gathering of friends and family that was enjoyed by all. The weather was great for pictures, but extremely hot. Thankfully, I had spritzed on some makeup setting spray, which allowed my face to stay on and not melt down onto my dress despite being outdoors and holding a baby for most of the event. Here are some other great sweatproof makeup products to keep around for the next few months. Because why should a little heat get in the way of fashion?

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