Into the Weekend

From Carissa

We are always encouraged to multitask, it is considered a positive thing and is usually on resumes as a strength—that we are able to do be flexible and tackle different activities in a short amount of time. I don’t know about you but many times this leaves me exhausted and feeling burned out. This article suggests setting aside larger blocks of time for each task, and encourages taking 15 minute breaks every few hours in order to be more productive.

I love the Oh Joy brand for its fun colors, graphic designs, and since starting a collaboration with Target, accessible to the wallet. Founder Joy Cho has such a playful and creative side that I even follow her Instagram account. In her latest blog post she shares her tips on feeling young even when getting “numerically” older.

Since I’m starting to ramp up my weekly running miles in preparing for fall and winter races, I find myself getting hungry more often. This article from Runners World gives snack suggestions from sports nutritionists and even lists gummy bears and Pop Tarts. And here I was thinking all I could reach for to satisfy snack cravings were kale chips and carrot sticks!


From Melissa

Because my hair is (for the most part) stick straight, I like changing it up by giving it some kind of texture. We’re always after that elusive perfect beach wave, and using a curling iron tends to make me look like Shirley Temple. Then I saw this video and figured out how to use my hair straightener to make that wave. It takes a few practice runs to get it right, but I have to admit I feel a little like Rachel Zoe once it’s done.

While on vacation last week, I found myself wishing there were some way to record what we did and my thoughts throughout the day. B.C. (before children) I would bring my serious leather-bound journal and favorite fountain pen with me and jot down my observations, but that’s not so feasible with an infant strapped to me and an active toddler running about. This app, Bonjournal, is an easy way to take snapshots and take down quick blurbs on your phone while the kids are napping or while in transit from one place to another. You can share through social media or download a PDF at the end. What would be great, though, is if they had an option to convert it into a nice, photo book.

My biggest dilemma when traveling is less about clothes than it is shoes. I always wonder how many pairs of shoes to pack. Some say three is the magic number: comfy walking shoes for the plane, athletic shoes that double as casual or workout gear, and dressy heels or sandals. Pair of flip flops for swimming/bathing situations optional (and they pack flat anyway). These comfy walking options range from tongue-in-cheek to chic, and will go with most of what’s in your suitcase.

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