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From Carissa

When I was younger I loved looking at photos of Princess Diana and her beautiful dresses, gowns, and jewels. Now it’s Kate Middleton with both her elegant and down-to-earth ensembles.  I can’t help it… I love following the British royalty.

A simple bunch of wildflowers in a rustic vase sometimes is even more beautiful than an expensive arrangement from a florist. Janice Issitt, a stylist in the UK, photographs beautiful still life compositions of wildflowers, rustic country homes, and antique furniture. Her blog gets me dreaming of a studio in which to take thrifted items and make them into something new and unique. Makes me wonder what I could do with the pair of chairs I saw someone leave behind by the community dumpster. Oh the possibilities! My husband just rolls his eyes. Maybe someday.

I remember as a child I always had a book with me. While waiting for my orthodontist appointments, I would sit in the waiting room sometimes for an hour and read, happy to put off doing homework for a while. Although I wasn’t allowed to read while the family was having meals together, if I did sit at the table for a snack I would make sure to choose a book before rifling through the fridge for something to eat. Now as an adult it’s sometimes difficult to spend hours engrossed in a novel, but Anne’s tips just might find me a little bit more of that precious reading time.


From Melissa

Traffic is inevitable in our neck of the Bay Area woods. Sofia is great about keeping herself (and everyone else) entertained with nonstop stories about her day or playing “I Spy”. Being a newer driver, however, I still find it a bit nerve-wracking to be engaging in a conversation with her while on the freeway. A good solution I’ve found to keep her occupied (without having to depend on the iPad screen) is audiobooks. My sister had given her a set of books one year that also came with a CD. We’ve recently rediscovered these and put them into my car. Sofia loves listening to them, but the same five short stories can only take us so far. Dinner: A Love Story recommends a few more. Some of them might be too much for a four-year-old, but it’ll be good to stretch her attention span a little at a time.

Now that I’m somewhat surfacing from the fog that comes from having a new baby and virtually no sleep, I want to be able to start reading novels again. When I’m stressed or want to read without having to work too had, I actually re-read a lot of my favorite books. But there’s always that dilemma of what to read next. I never want to read what’s trending—something in me rebels against reading what everyone else is just because—and I seem to feel uncomfortable with a lot of novels nowadays. So, I think I’ll continue crossing off books from Francine Prose’s list from her book Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and Those Who Want to Write Them. Most of them are classics, some more modern classics but there’s nothing like timeless literature to make you feel like you’ve done something valuable with your day.

Yes, there’s an app for that. Capsule is an app that helps you put together your capsule wardrobe for every season. I’m still a little skeptical about having a capsule wardrobe, despite the many virtues it may have. As much as I’d like to think of myself as a minimalist, I’m not so hot about basic either. Still, it would be an interesting experiment.

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