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From Carissa

Having the kids at home every day during the summer means running around trying to get the daily chores and errands, only made slightly more challenging because I have to tow them along with me. If you’ve ever tried to stick to a grocery list with two kids, it’s a near impossible thing what with all the sugary cereal and treats that call for their attention. Breanne, a home-schooling mother of three, came up with a list of ten simple things that restore and refresh her.

Summer means trying to stay comfortable in the heat and humidity of Houston. Shorts, tank tops, comfy tees are the go-to pieces that are in constant demand in my summer wardrobe. As for shoes, flip flops seem the easiest to slip on but sometimes I would rather not look like I was headed for the pool, wanting a more put-together look if we are headed for the grocery store or visit to the library and park. Lindsey writes on her blog about the sandals that have seen her through the summer and new ones she is loving.

Even though summers are challenging since the kids are home with me, it does provide a respite from the hurriedness we feel during the school year. With the busyness of school work and extracurricular activities, violin lessons and concerts, it sometimes feels like an uphill battle trying to keep up with what needs to get done. Alexandra Kuykendall, a blogger and author, writes about reflecting before making choices instead of not saying “yes” to everything that comes our way. I will certainly keep this in mind in the upcoming months when things get hectic again.


From Melissa

It’s always been my lifelong dream to be published, and while I go through phases of being really focused on my writing, I have yet to complete a novel that I can feel completely passionate about. So, I’m always in awe of working women who are able to make their own dream come true and fit their writing into their already hectic lives. Alison Heller, a lawyer and mom of two, talks about why and how she wrote her first novel.

I’ve been a fan of Shini Park’s blog, Park and Cube, for years now. As a fellow graphic designer, I admire the simplicity and boldness of her images. In this article, she gives a cool, easy-to-follow tutorial on how to incorporate handwritten typography to your photos.

Despite the additional space our new kitchen layout has afforded us, I’m still always on the lookout for kitchen tools and gadgets that are either serve multiple purposes or don’t take up too much space. These appliances fit the bill perfectly, and are great-looking as well.

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