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Mornings Food Waiting

From Carissa

Mornings, especially schooldays, can be hurried and stressful. Trying to get two kids dressed, fed, cleaned up and ready to get on the bus sometimes leaves me breathless as I wave goodbye at the bus stop. I would really like mornings to be more relaxed. Even though Cassandra writes as a homeschooling mom, I like her ideas of how to make this a positive and loving start to the day.

Another mother problem—how do I get my kids to try new things and make healthier food choices? To give my kids credit, they do have quite a wide range in palette. My daughter loves sushi, and not the California roll kind but the real raw fish on rice with a touch of wasabi. She also enjoys kimchi (Korean spicy pickled cabbage) with her salmon. My son loves sinigang, a Filipino soup characterized by a sour taste, often from tamarind. They both love curry, and I have been a little bit more generous on the spice and heat lately and was pleasantly surprised that they gobbled it up. Sasha’s project of cooking through the world is a wonderful idea, not only to expose children to new and different tastes, but also to make them more aware of other cultures.

Spring break is coming around the corner for us and I have yet to plan activities to do with the kids. Like many parents today, I dread hearing the phrase, “I’m bored!” To keep from that, I find myself trying to do too many things and end up feeling exhausted at the end of the day. In this article, Anne writes about how it may be a good thing for kids to be bored sometimes as it gives them the opportunity to think, which can lead to creativity.

Meru Kids Social Media Crafts

From Melissa

There’s been a lot of couch time and snuggle time for our family lately. Big sis Sofia has stayed home and Mr. D has taken some time off from work to bond with our little son. Between feedings and short naps throughout the day, I managed to catch this documentary about big-wall climbers wanting to scale one face of Mount Meru. More than just following them on their climb, the film delves into the mental, physical, and emotional toll such a climb takes, and the incredible way the human spirit can push us beyond our limits.

We rely a lot on social media to keep close friends and family in the loop. Especially with most of my family still in the Philippines, it’s an easy way for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to see what our family is up to. But, are the photos and status updates we post about our kids leaving a digital footprint that could lead to their embarrassment when they’re older? This article explores how the social media generation is coming into its early teens and none too happy about what already exists about them online.

Right now, I’m grateful that my mom is here to help keep Sofia engaged when I’m focused on the new addition. But I’m already looking up ways to entertain the older sibling while I’m breastfeeding. Like my sister, the two words I dread hearing while I’m taking care of a newborn are: “I’m bored!”

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