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From Carissa

I’ve been following Alex’s blog and youtube videos, under the name HRH Collection, ever since she started in 2009. I think what I find so interesting is that she designs her own line of jewelry and works her pieces into simple, effortless looks with what clothes she already has. She isn’t a blogger that is constantly shopping and uploading videos of haul after haul, in fact she is quite selective of what she buys. She recently did a re-launch of her website/shop/blog and I’ve spent quite some time already looking through her newest designs.

I follow Angie Keiser’s Instagram feed to see what she and her daughter, Mayhem (obviously not the her real name), have created. They make dresses out of paper and often recreate famous gowns from the Oscars or Grammys red carpet. Since it was the Met Gala this past weekend, I can’t wait to see which ones they might choose for the next #FashionByMayhem.

Who couldn’t resist watching Claire Danes at the Met Gala in Zac Posen’s fiber optic gown? Everyone compared it to a light-up Cinderella princess dress. It was just magical to see the dress in the dark as the actress walked around the room. As beautiful as it was, it sure wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear—LED lights and 30 battery packs were sewn into the lining, Claire Danes had to be transported to the gala in a mini-bus so as not to crease the fabric, and they had to chop off the back of a chair for the actress to sit down to dinner.


From Melissa

After the birth of her second child, my friend Samantha decided to become a doula. Her passion for helping mothers have a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth experience has been inspiring to see. In this article, she reminds us how important it is to be supportive and positive in the way we speak to other moms and moms-to-be. As mothers, we tend to beat ourselves up and give in to “mom guilt”, so words do matter.

Sometimes you want to get away. While many think of going to the beach, sometimes I dream of a different view of the water. This remote hotel in Newfoundland uses strong, simple architecture and interior decor so as not to take away from the beautiful landscape. There are even structures for artists-in-residence sponsored by the owner’s foundation. Raising my hand to get that gig. Can’t imagine a better place to write a moody romance a la Wuthering Heights.

But, if hustle and bustle and color are more your vacation style (and you need more there to occupy the kiddos), what better place to go to than the “it” place to visit for creatives and fashionistas: Cuba. You can even stay in these brightly hued Airbnbs that color match Chanel’s recent cruise collection, which was staged in Havana earlier this week.

To all the beautiful mothers out there who just “make it work” every single day, Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

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