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From Carissa

For quite a few years all the books I read were non-fiction – everything from parenting, history, and biographies.  I’ve only gotten back to reading fiction in the last two years, and my to-read pile keeps growing and growing.  It is as if I have to somehow make up for all the time lost.  This article on how reading fiction benefits us gives me all the more reason to justify the pile by my bedside.

I have yet to read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, but I have heard so much praise about her Konmari organizational method, keeping only the things that “spark joy”. Summer Brennan talks about the difficulty she had in following Kondo’s instructions and sorting through her piles of unread books.

At first I thought a “reading vacation” meant taking a break from reading. Meredith, founder and creative director of the organizational website Penelope Loves Lists, talks about how she takes a reading vacation once a year—she actually goes on a vacation in order to read the newest release in her favorite book series. Looking at my pile, I think I need to take one.


From Melissa

Ever since I started posting about our kitchen makeover, lots of people have asked me about the process, materials, and overall cost. Many times, people don’t know where to start, and the overabundance of inspiration on Pinterest can lead to a mishmash of ideas. This quiz from The Kitchn matches up styles with your Myers-Briggs personality type. Not surprisingly, I got Scandinavian: “Light, bright, and white! You love subway tile with dark grout, white-washed floors, and clean, tidy spaces with just a few bright pops of color. This reminds you of a better future ahead.” Sounds pretty spot on. If you don’t know your personality type or have forgotten, take this very quick quiz at 16 Personalities.

We’re trying our best to encourage Sofia’s inner artist. She loves to paint, draw, cut, paste—but our living room/her playroom ends up looking like a cross between a paper shredding plant and Jackson Pollock’s studio. I’d love for her to feel like she has a creative space, but give her the opportunity to put things away in an easy, accessible way. Taking some tips from this article on how to create that friendly art space for kids that’s still got some style.

Speaking of creative spaces, one of my favorite things to do is take a peek into the places where writers, artists, and designers take inspiration and distill it into something real. The New York Times‘ video series In the Studio showcases the spaces of fashion designers and connects the dots between their work habitat and process.

On to the weekend!

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