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From Carissa

Browsing through the Instagram photos of the Gee Family makes me long for the freedom and ability to sell everything and travel around the world. Although Garrett Gee did make $50 million when he sold his tech company, they did sell all their possessions and just used that money to fund their travels (Yes, the money in the bank was a nice safety net).  I love reading stories like this where families brave being in new and different surroundings. What a great opportunity for the kids to learn about other countries, cultures, and people!

As soon as kids start school we are gifted everyday with loads of loose papers—graded tests, art projects, drawings and sketches. The fridge door has only so much real estate, and when things start falling when we open and close the door it starts to signal that something needs to be done. This clipboard gallery wall is a fun and easy way to feature the kids artwork, as well as display photos and keep track of grocery lists, notes, and birthday invitations.

The onset of summer means the start of training season for fall races. Since finishing my first full marathon last January, I keep asking myself, “So what’s next?” A friend from my running group planted a seed in my thoughts to try a sprint triathlon, usually considered the first step in triathlon events: half mile swim, 15-20 mile bike ride, and three to four mile run. I’m pretty confident in the running part, but it is the bike ride and swim that scares me. I haven’t ridden a bike in… 25 years? Plus, swimming in anything deeper than five feet makes me nervous and start to panic. Yet, just like any new endeavor, nothing comes easy. I, for one, didn’t think I would even be a runner. When I put it in that light, I guess I can do anything as long as I commit to it. This article by Meredith of Swim Bike Mom gives me the courage and inspiration to start.


From Melissa

Now that I’ve survived the first three months of Baby #2 (including the dreaded sixth-week growth spurt and eighth-week sleep regression), I’m more determined to stay fit and gain back the strength and endurance I feel I lost during my pregnancy. Not having a lot of free time or the freedom during the day to leave baby alone, I’ve had to look for short-enough workouts to do at home. I also realized they had to be somewhat quiet workouts so as not to wake the little mister. The solution? YouTube Yoga. Lesley Fightmaster’s 90-day Yoga Challenge has been a great resource of workouts that are under 40 minutes. Unlike a DVD, she actually has 90 different workouts, each with a different focus, intensity, and length to ensure I don’t get bored. I haven’t actually been able to do one a day, but on Day 5 I can already feel a difference in my flexibility and strength.

Summer always brings thoughts of travel, and one of the things I miss doing it keeping a travel journal. When I studied abroad in Italy, our sketchbook counted for half our grade that semester. I still look at my journals and can recall small details about the location and how I was feeling at the time. It’s easy to rely smart phones and digital cameras to capture memories, but there’s something different about taking the time to write or sketch that captures more than an image. It allows for self-reflection and -discovery, and encourages the practice of drawing what the eye sees. Jochen Schittskowski‘s sketches make me wish I could pack my pen and watercolors and take off.

For the past year, I’ve been keeping myself mostly makeup-free, choosing to use only my BB cushion, brow pomade, a little blush and lip gloss. Not having to go into an office every day and having a short amount of time to myself has meant cutting way down on my face routine. As I gear up to return to work, what will also need some routine adjustment is my hair. While most of it is stick-straight, it does tend to frizz if not blown dry. I’ve been looking for hair inspiration and stumbled on Carolyn’s blog. Her summer hair style, a combination of bayalage color and and digital perm, is time-consuming (and not cheap, I bet) at first, but saves time in the long run. Instead of having to curl her hair or blow it out to give it volume, the digital perm gives it a little wave and dimension. Bayalage makes the color look “lived-in” and keeps her from having to touch up her highlights all the time. I might not do both for the sake of my hair’s health, but it does seem like my hair game needs a change-up.

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