Kitchen makeover | The reveal

End of the reno

Finally! Here we were at the end of our reno—all outlets up to code, grout lines cleaned up, appliances up and running, and all our kitchen stuff organized and put away as planned. With Christmas just around the corner and my sister and her family coming to stay for almost a week, it made me giddy planning our Christmas Day meals.


The view from the front hallway into the kitchen. I’m in love with the new sink and don’t regret not having purchased the white farmhouse version. The stainless steel is in keeping with the transitional vibe of the rest of the kitchen. Mr. D still would have liked to have either a touch-less faucet or the Delta Touch ID, but the one we have works great and helps keep the sink clean. My mixer was a Christmas present from Mr. D from two years ago. He kept teasing that I hadn’t even opened the box since I got it, and for all I knew he had just given me an empty box. There was absolutely no space for it, either for display or storage, in the old kitchen. Now, it can finally have a place of honor on the counter.


Per our original plan, the cabinet above the dishwasher would hold things we use every day. The soup tureen doesn’t get that much play, but the glasses, bowls and plates certainly do. It makes putting dishes away much easier, whether they’ve been put in the dishwasher or washed by hand.


I’m also very proud of the little pull-out we installed between the dishwasher and sink. It’s an ingenious little piece of storage I saw while surfing the web for kitchen ideas. It now holds our everyday silverware and small plates for sauces and dips. Its proximity to the cleaning areas makes cleanup a breeze.


The prep area has made cooking so much more enjoyable. While I’m standing in one spot, I can reach for mixing bowls, spices, sauces and oils. I can also turn and wash things in the sink without too much back and forth. When it’s time to cook, there’s lots of space to spread ingredients out so I can multitask and have different things going at the same time. The coffee station at the end is placed under our guest coffee and tea cups, which makes serving quick and painless. Guest silverware is also right underneath, as are our Ziploc bags and Tupperware to make doggie bags for family to take with them after a meal.

I was worried that we would still not have enough storage space because of all the cooking items we had stored in the garage. Strangely enough, there is still room in some of the drawers and cabinets. Proof that our storage before was a lot of wasted space.


When we gave up our old fridge and got the counter-depth one, I wondered how the smaller space would change our grocery shopping habits. It’s actually changed it for the better. It’s now easier to quickly take stock of what’s inside, so that we use things before they spoil and don’t double up on what we have when we go to the store. We might go to the store a bit more frequently, but it’s forced us to waste less.

The addition of the pantry was one of the best decisions we made. It houses our microwave, as well as a lot of dry goods that we use on a regular basis (including our now-beloved rice bin, which holds up to one sack of rice).

The best part of our new kitchen is how much Sofia loves being in it. There’s now enough space for her to help me cook without being underfoot. She loves acting as my sous chef, with cutting veggies as her primary task.


We couldn’t be happier to have our new kitchen. With our new little bundle of joy, we know the countertop won’t stay this pristine. It will soon be filled with bottles and drying racks and other baby paraphernalia. Still, we look forward to making a lot of memories in this space in the coming years.

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