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If pregnancy brings certain fashion challenges, trying to stay chic while nursing your little one poses even more dilemmas. Finding stylish clothes to fit your new post-baby body (and chest) and provide an easy way to feed a crying baby seems almost impossible. Nursing tops are either stretchy tees or nearly shapeless tents. Any options with actual style cost upwards of a hundred dollars—not what I’m willing to spend on clothes that I probably won’t wear a year from now. Sticking with most regular clothing means being partially naked every time you need to nurse, not to mention difficult to get in and out of while holding your child. So, what’s a mama to do?

Enter the jumpsuit. I’ve always been a fan of the jumpsuit for its versatility from day to night. It’s also a great alternative to a dress for one-step dressing. One of my style role models, blogger Garance Dore, has written about them here and here.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was already eyeing this jumpsuit from Madewell. I wanted it so much so that I tried it on with a baby bump just to make sure it would fit later on. The very nice girl at the San Francisco store politely didn’t say anything when I asked for a fitting room. The button-down front makes breastfeeding and dressing back up a cinch without revealing too much. The fit also hides everything I want it to, but I still feel like I have a waist and an actual shape. I loved it so much I got it both in black and olive.


Madewell Pull-on Jumpsuit, $39.99

As it’s still cold off and on in the Bay Area, I also wanted to try a denim coverall. The last thing I wanted, however, was those metal buttons that are so difficult to get through the denim fabric. The solution? A zip-front, bien sur! Surprisingly, this coverall is really comfy, thanks to a little stretch in the fabric. And, best of all, it actually gives me some curves where I want them without feeling like I’m there to fix someone’s car. The stretchy nursing tee can live comfortably under this and look as effortless as the model in the photo.


Madewell Coverall Zip Jumpsuit, $79.99

A good summer alternative to the jumpsuit is a pair of overalls. No longer a throwback to the eighties/early nineties, today’s overalls either have a cool skinny leg or a retro flare. I got these on sale and have to admit I’m in love. I had to have the hems taken in so I wouldn’t trip over them or have to wear crazy platforms (not a good idea if you’re carrying an infant), but it didn’t ruin the overall fit. A nursing tank or loose top underneath makes feeding baby easy-peasy.


Madewell Flea Market Flare Overalls, $119.99

There are so many ways to style these throughout the seasons—with different belts, scarves, shoes, and jewelry—they can really go anywhere. These’ll be a staple in my closet long after baby is weaned, for sure.


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