Into the weekend

Weekend running

From Carissa

With Sunday’s Houston Marathon on my mind, most of what I’ve been reading this week has been running or race-related. Runners World has been my favorite magazine of late and their website is a good source of articles from shoe buying guides to training nutrition.

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Silent might: An introvert learns to speak up

Introvert speaks up

If you’ve ever taken a Meyer’s Briggs personality test and ended up with an “I” as the first letter of your result, you’ll understand the feeling. You’re in the middle of a crowded room with both friends and strangers and, suddenly, you just feel bone tired. Like a birthday balloon kept too long, you feel depleted of whatever energy you had. Or, in a meeting, you’re the one conscientiously taking notes, preferring to observe and ask questions later. You, my friend, are an introvert. Being an introvert isn’t about being shy. It’s about how social stimuli affect us. And while you may at times feel frustrated or unheard in a world that encourages extroverts and—many times—even outright aggression, you can still step up and get ahead without having to sacrifice who you are.

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Now and Later | Spring Trends #2

Spring Trends 2-Intro

We’re back with more trends for spring. If you’re planning to downsize your wardrobe and sticking to buying only a few new pieces each season, consider making these part of your purchase this quarter.

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How to raise avid readers

Our parents always gave us books as gifts on our birthdays and Christmas, and as rewards for doing well in school or extracurricular activities. Sometimes they were a bribe for doing something we would normally drag our feet on. I distinctly remember getting some money to pick a new Bobbsey Twins book one afternoon after a ballet class that I dreaded going to. Also, Philippine television in the early 80s was heavily censored due martial law. There were only three channels and cartoons were limited to a 30-minute show in the afternoon. By default, reading was a source of hours of entertainment, allowing my imagination to wander to foreign lands and different places in time.

Today, I find there are more options vying for my kids’ attention, which they sometimes find more attractive than sitting quietly with a book. Here are some ways that have worked for me to keep reading interesting and grow a love for books:

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Kitchen makeover | Inspiration

Something's Gotta Give Set-1

When it comes to design style, Mr. D and I might challenge each other on the details (art, patterns on rugs and drapes, accessories, etc.) but we do align on the big picture: clean lines, timeless appeal, and functionality. We didn’t want fussy details, but I wanted to have one element for visual interest to keep the kitchen from being too austere. More than a year ago, we started putting together a shared Pinterest board to share inspiration and see exactly what the other is thinking.

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