No better time to start

No better start to our blog

We kinda always knew we’d end up doing something like this together. What’s funny is just how long (and how far away we had to be from each other) it would take for us to finally decide to start.

We’re four years and personalities apart, but the things that inspire and excite us are eerily similar. We’re obsessed with design on all fronts: home, graphic, fashion … we love it all. Growing up around our dad’s family’s furniture business, and learned through osmosis the difference between a Queen Anne chair and a Chippendale one. Our mom was always stylish and fashion savvy, and knew how to put things together with panache—without breaking the bank. You could say we grew up on design. We loved it enough to spend four years in a place with sub-zero temperatures and tons of snow learning about it, and another decade or so practicing it.

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