My Spring Skincare Routine Update

Between travel and the Bay Area’s unpredictable weather the past month, my sensitive skin was mounting a full-scale rebellion. I had to rethink my skincare routine to anticipate the coming warm weather and still give it the moisture it was craving. Some research, a quick trip to Sephora, and my Amazon Prime membership all came in handy.

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Spring 2018 Makeup Refresh

April usually conjures images of spring: cherry blossoms, rainy days, fresh starts. It also means editing my makeup and skincare routines for the warmer weather. Right now, I’m really into a no-makeup makeup look with some pops of color. A big part of that is adjusting my skincare so the canvas I’m starting with is as healthy and smooth as possible (more on that in a separate post).  Thank goodness for Sephora’s VIB Spring Sale!

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Beauty habit | Melissa

Winter Beauty Habit Melissa

With the coldest, rainiest winter we’ve had in the past few years, an upcoming (gasp!) 34th birthday, AND the being in the third trimester of pregnancy, I decided it was time to rethink my beauty routine. While I’ve been blessed with normal albeit sensitive skin—thanks to my Mom and lolas (grandmothers)—I have to admit I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to my routine. Through much trial and error, I’ve come to a winter beauty regimen I finally feel comfortable with.

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