Why am I not racing?

After the mental and emotional high of having run a full marathon had faded away, I found myself asking, “What’s next?”  To be honest I had not really thought about it, I was so busy worrying about whether or not I would finish that I didn’t sign up for any races after January. So now that I didn’t have anything to train for until a half-marathon in October (our birthdays are only a day apart in October, my running partner and I run this as our “birthday race”), I find myself wondering what to do to keep some kind of momentum going even though I am not actively training.

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How I survived my first marathon

Marathon Finisher Swag

Training = Sacrifice + Post-Run Coffee

I signed up for a 26-week training program leading up to the Houston marathon. From July to January, it had me running five times a week, with a day of cross-training, and a day of rest. In order to still be available when the kids came home from school and keep family time on the weekends, I ran when everyone was still asleep. On the Monday and Wednesday short runs, the group would meet at 5 AM and be done by 6. Some weekends, especially when the distances got longer, we would start at 4 to be done by 7. It definitely made it easier to be with a group, and to have a consistent running partners.

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